Barrett Wilbert Weed’s “Dear Diary”

Step into the pages of Barrett Wilbert Weed’s diary at The London Palladium this September.

Brace yourselves for a trip through the spooky corridors of her mind as Barrett brings her West End Debut show, ‘Dear Diary’, to the iconic London Palladium.

Barrett welcomes you into her world, for an intimate look at the music, stories, ghosts and monsters that have shaped her life and career, as she rewinds her past ten years on Broadway.

We’re in for a weird and wonderful night of theatre and Barrett’s own playlist of indie pop. Be there to see the original Veronica, the original Janis, and prepare to be blown away by Barrett Wilbert Weed’s “Dear Diary.”

Snag your tickets now – trust us, it will haunt you for the rest of your life!

Dates: Sunday 1st September 2024

Venue: The London Palladium

Dates & Venues

01 SEP 2024
The London Palladium

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